Cranky Parrot’s Sneaky Beak Attack On Gwynnie!

Cranky Parrot’s Sneaky Beak Attack On Gwynnie! thumbnail

GOOP SCOOP! This biting bit of news went unreported when GWYNETH PALTROW and hubby CHRIS MARTIN jetted off to the Bahamas with kids Apple and Moses after their “conscious uncoupling” – Gwynnie got bitten smack on her beak by a cranky parrot!

Said a source: “The couple had taken the kids to a bird sanctuary, and as Gwyneth tried to show them how to be loving and gentle with the birds, a Bahama Parrot suddenly bit her honker with his sharp beak. ‘Owwww,’ howled Mommy as the kids cracked up – but Gwynnie wasn’t laughing as her eyes welled with tears. Turning to one of the bird’s handlers, she asked if she was bleeding!”

Luckily, Birdie hadn’t broken the star’s skin, but its “conscious coupling” had scored a bright red scratch on her nose!