Still knocking ‘em dead at age 67, CHER scored a whopping $6.5 million for a one-nighter in Dagestan, Russia – an area so dangerous tourists are warned away because of bombings, kidnappings and shootouts between police and Islamic terrorists that occur almost daily.

Said a source close to the deal: “It was a one-night concert for the grand opening of Anji Arena, a huge soccer stadium, and even though Cher was cashing in big-time, she was scared to death, knowing she might be risking her life – literally! 

"As the date got closer, Cher panicked and almost pulled the plug, but reps guaranteed the ultimate in security!”

And they weren’t kidding: Arriving at the airport in Russia, the superstar was greeted by 100 armed military men assigned to guard her during every second of her stay.

Said the source: “Cher did the concert and flew out safe and sound the following the day – with a multimillion-dollar paycheck tucked in her purse!”