CHER’s fat deal for chubby CHAZ: Melt blubber @ $1,000 per pound!

CHER’s fat deal for chubby CHAZ: Melt blubber @ $1,000 per pound! thumbnail

Showbiz legend CHER’s the world’s happiest mom now that transgender son CHAZ BONO, who once weighed a scale-busting 345 pounds and faced near-certain death by heart attack, miraculously turned his life around and dropped a whopping 60 pounds – a miracle that cost Cher a whopping $60,000!

A year ago, The ENQUIRER reported that the superstar was “worried sick about Chaz’s weight gain…he was huffing and puffing on the phone during conversations with her, and she flew into a full-fledged panic attack, terrified she’d eventually get the phone call every mother dreads – that her child is dead!”

Suddenly fearing for his mom’s health – and his own, because even walking had become painful for him – Chaz told Cher he’d totally commit to shedding blubber and getting healthy, said a family insider.

So Cher, in an inspiration born of desperation, made her child a fat deal – she’d gift him a hefty $10,000 for every 10 pounds of weight shed.

“Chaz balked at first, saying he didn’t want a handout,” said my source. “But Cher told him: ‘I love you and I want you to be healthy. This isn’t a handout – it’s an incentive to stay on track with your goal.’ Incredibly, Cher’s $1,000-a-pound diet plan worked! Chaz not only looks great – he’s boasting to pals he’s committed to losing another 20 pounds, partly through liposuction.”

(And gaining another 20 grand! You listening, Jenny Craig?)