CHEVY CHASE ain’t no walk in the park, diva-wise – but when “Community” creator/producer DAN HARMON savagely bullied the star by leading his whole cast in a disgusting “#&%@ you” chorus at a wrap party as Chevy’s wife and daughter looked on in horror, he spotlighted once again sitcom TV’s filthy little secret – nasty, vicious show-runners like Harmon, CHUCK LORRE of “Two and a Half Men,” and “Desperate Housewives” star-slapper/ tapper MARC CHERRY, who revel in treating actors like subhuman slaves…often with tacit network approval!

“Dan hates Chevy so much he’s forever dreaming up ways to humiliate him – and it really gets brutal,” said an insider.

“His latest diabolical scheme was announcing that Chevy’s character on the show would be getting breast implants – requiring Chevy to wear falsies and a bra through one whole story cycle.

"When he heard that, Chevy exploded! He called the network to protest, and the story line was finally shelved.”

And what did sadistic bully Harmon do when Chevy left a profane voice mail protesting his humiliation in front of his family?

He ruthlessly ruined the show for fans by releasing it for millions to hear!

He finally apologized, admitting he’s “a rude &%$@#*$ and not a person to trust… !”