BARKING UP THE WRONG ROTTWEILER DEPT.: PAUL MCCARTNEY’s in hot water AGAIN with THE QUEEN and cranky CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES, who are right royally pissed over last week’s “unsavory” (but hilarious) “Saturday Night Live” skit that “outrageously insinuated her vagina barks like a rabid dog,” reports My Palace Spy.

“Sir Paul had nothing to do with the skit, but The Queen and Camilla blame him for not nipping it in the bud.”

Sound familiar?

You’ll recall we reported years back that Camilla was miffed when Paul participated in another “SNL” skit that spoofed her – so she vengefully ordered hubby PRINCE CHARLES to ban Sir Paul from performing at son WILLIAM’s wedding to KATE MIDDLETON.

Said my source: “Camilla told Charles, ‘Why is it that when Paul is on that show, I am ridiculed? Your mother is furious as well. It’s so offensive…There is no excuse!’” Charles finally calmed her down…after throwing her a bone! (Oh, I’m kidding!)

BTW, Camilla’s tizzy highly amused Kate, but she’s wisely keeping mum.