I refuse to sugarcoat it!! Ignore ALL other reports!! Belligerent Burt Reynolds screwed up a slam — dunk TV comeback and got AXED from the CBS sitcom “Late Bloomers” after cursing the director and screaming “Don’t you think I’ve DONE this before?” Here’s what’s sad: The show was TAILOR — MADE for the witty star! A “Cheers” clone, it had him perfectly cast as an aging ex — football player/womanizer who runs a joint where old jock pals hang out. But when Burt hit the set, it all went to hell! His physical appearance horrified producers! Said an insider: “His hair looked like Berber carpet — his face was a piece of dried — up beef jerky!” Worse, Burt seemed incoherent! He didn’t know his lines. He delivered dialogue like high melodrama, not light comedy! And when the director corrected him — saying, “You’re doing ‘Hamlet’ . . . we’re doing ‘Cheers’!” — Burt EXPLODED, yelling “I’M A STAR!” Just hours later, producers pow — wowed and decided to cut their losses. They axed Burt — and he stormed out SCREAMING! (Ignore the spin doctors, you just heard the truth! And it’s a shame, Burt! A damn shame . . . )