BRITNEY SPEARS hates being under dad JAMIE SPEARS’ heavy-handed financial thumb as her court-ordered custodian, but now she’s furious and humiliated because he’s ordered her never to speak again to old party pal LINDSAY LOHAN – even warning LiLo’s management: Keep your client AWAY from my daughter!

Trouble started when Lindsay reached out to Brit for advice on getting her faltering career back on track, just the way Oops Grrl did after her infamous Year of Crazy.

The pals simply chatted by phone – but when Brit mentioned it to Jamie, Daddy-No EXPLODED!

He instantly phoned LiLo’s managers and told them he would NOT tolerate further attempts to contact his daughter.

Said a Britney pal: “She’s so totally humiliated – she feels like she’s 13 again. It’s embarrassing for her that she’s 28 years old, but her dad gets to tell her who her friends will be. On the other hand, Jamie’s trying to keep what he deems to be bad influences away from his daughter – and Lindsay certainly qualifies.”