Mike Walker

Proud Papa Bradley Cooper’s Diaper Disaster

Actor in need of poop-scoopin' lessons!

Proud Papa Bradley Cooper’s Diaper Disaster thumbnail
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Mike Walker reports …  New dad Bradley Cooper cooked up one nose-holding mess when he forgot to deep-six his darling daughter’s dirty diaper!

Said My Crappy Spy: “Bradley had dutifully changed tiny Lea — his new infant with baby mama/Russian supermodel Irina Shayk — before heading off for an L.A. gym workout.

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Planning to toss the nasty-smelling nappy in a trash can on his way out, he got distracted and accidentally tossed the festering stink bomb in his car — where it broiled in the back seat! Returning to his vehicle after its hours in the sun, Bradley gagged … literally!

Now Irina and pals ‘joke-sniff’ the star whenever they see him! PHEEeeeww!!!