Cooper Finally Tells Kid The Painful Tooth

Cooper Finally Tells Kid The Painful Tooth thumbnail

 An achy-mouthed kid suffering painful new braces got a bracing pep talk from one of his best-beloved big-screen heroes – BRADLEY COOPER!

But hilariously, the kid didn’t recognize him!

Said My SpyWitness: “Bradley was at L.A. takeout joint Chipotle when he noticed the youngster rubbing his cheeks and looking uncomfortable, so he asked if he’d gotten new braces. When the kid nodded, Bradley told him he had braces too, but no one could see them because they were the Invisalign type.

‘I’m an actor, so I couldn’t have metal braces,’ Bradley told him, ‘but it still hurt when I got them!’ The kid, not recognizing the star because he’s newly muscled up for his ‘American Sniper’ movie – got excited and said, ‘You’re an actor?… What have you been in?’

"When Bradley mentioned ‘American Hustle’ and ‘The Hangover,’ the kid looked at him confused – then asked: ‘Are you…Bradley Cooper?’ When Cooper copped, ‘Yes, I am!’ – the boy went NUTS, gushing that he totally LOVES him in the movies!’”