Estranged pals BRAD PITT and COURTENEY COX – eternal BFF of his ex-wife, JENNIFER ANISTON – finally got back on speaking terms after years of icy silence when they attended a mutual pal’s dinner party at Hollywood eatery Beso, greeted each other with a big hug – then huddled in a corner, catching up.

“But the truce did NOT last long,” reports a Cox insider.

“It ended when Brad appeared to diss Jennifer in that notorious magazine interview.

"Courteney literally erupted.

"She phoned Brad and read him the riot act – accusing him of being hurtful, disrespectful and rude.”

Just as he did in the wake of the eye-popping interview about his “boring” marriage, Brad tried to defend his remarks.

“But Courteney wasn’t about to let him get away with trashing Jen again. She stopped him dead and told him, ‘I don’t want to hear it.

"You’re the same insensitive man you were all those years ago.’ ”

Buh-bye, Brad!