Boobs, Ahoy! SOFIA VERGARA’s top pops poolside as guys go ‘AI, YAI, YAI!!’

IMAGINE THIS, GUYS: You’re New Year’s vacationing on the Mexican Riviera, sunning yourself on the patio at the St. Regis Resort as you lazily eyeball va-va-voom sex symbol SOFIA VERGARA, who’s splashing noisily/ seductively in the pool with fiance NICK LOEB, when suddenly…SNAP!…the sexy star’s string bikini top separates – and for one glorious moment, she’s not even aware that her voluptuous, unleashed breasts are floating in plain view!

“Two young guys in the pool near her were treading water with their mouths hanging open,” said My SpyWitness.

“Suddenly, Sofia let out a loud cry of, ‘AI, YAI…YAI!’ as Nick grabbed the skimpy top, desperately trying to cover her bare-naked boobies.

"The commotion caused everyone who hadn’t already witnessed the incident to turn around…and gasp! Quickly making her way out of the pool, Sofia wrapped herself in a towel and disappeared.

"But just fifteen minutes later, the bright-eyed bombshell sauntered back to the pool wearing another sexy bikini – and a big smile!”