Hangin’ solo and munching a wee-hours snack at a famed all-night Santa Monica deli, “Full House” and “Funniest Home Videos” funnyguy BOB SAGET cracked up a cadre of college-age dudes who asked why he was out on his own at 2:30 ayem! 

The 58-year-old star flashed a wry grin, said an eyewitness, and told the fascinated lads: “I was hanging out at a club with my old pal JOHN MAYER – and suddenly I just couldn’t stay there another minute because all the girls flocking around us were sooooo young! … I mean, they were younger than my own (20-ish) daughters! I just couldn’t go there … so I left them to John … and left!”

Cracked one of the young dudes: “Wait a minute – you’ve never, ever dated a girl younger than your daughters?”

Muttered Bob – whose just-out bio’s titled “Dirty Daddy” – “Google it!”