So…this Spy of mine, a TV insider, was strolling Madhattan’s bustling 7th Avenue when he spots one of those only-in-New-York scenes: GERALDO RIVERA standing outside a bakery hawking PIES to passers-by!

Geraldo’s howling at the crowds: “Come on, folks, buy the city’s finest pie…support a famous TV show and my favorite children’s charity! Step inside our great shop, Pie Face, and BUY PIE!…We’ve got apple pie, cherry pie, bacon-egg-and-cheese pie…!” Intrigued, My Pie Spy pokes his head inside Pie Face, spots LORENZO LAMAS and “90210” star IAN ZIERING working the counter – and suddenly figures it out!

“Geraldo was filming an episode of DONALD TRUMP’s hit show, ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ He’s a team leader trying to outsell and outsmart his rival teams – and he wants to WIN!” Turns out Geraldo had already put the arm on bigshot Fox TV pals like BILL O’REILLY and SEAN HANNITY for thousand$$, but he needed to win big – so he phoned the BIGGEST gun of all, billionaire buddy STEWART RAHR!

Incredibly, just hours later, Rahr – the legendary philanthropist/ party guy known to pals as “#1 King of All Fun,” who’d famously donated a record-beating $10 million to kiddie charity Make-A-Wish – dispatched an emissary from his nearby Trump Tower office. The guy walked up, tapped Geraldo on the shoulder, and handed him a check for a staggering $50,000 – pushing the total charity take to a jaw-dropping $280,000! (All together, now, folks…“Rah- RAH for Stewie RAHR!”)