Big-hearted DeGENERES helps fired writer after CANCER strikes

 Hats off to ELLEN DEGENERES, who just proved how incredibly loyal she is to everyone she works with – even a person she’s fired!

A writer she’d axed was just struck down by cancer and can’t keep up with his bills, so she instantly whipped out her checkbook and sent him $10,000!

“This guy had been with her show since it started, but they had a falling out during the Hollywood writers’ strike,” said an insider.

“Ellen was furious with writers who went out on strike, saying they’d abandoned her.

"Other shows shut down, but she crossed the picket lines and did her show with a limited staff.

"After the strike, she got tough when the contracts of writers who’d left her came up for renewal – and let this guy go!”

But Ellen came through in the crunch – and friends of the stricken writer say he’s humbled by her generosity.