BIEBER’s million-dollar love plot: Sing & bling to win SELENA’s heart!

BIEBER’s million-dollar love plot: Sing & bling to win SELENA’s heart! thumbnail

MY UN-BELIEB-ABLE BIEBER SCOOP! Shocked and saddened because Norway didn’t deliver a happy ending for him and gone-again sweetheart SELENA GOMEZ, addled badboy JUSTIN BIEBER’s finally, miraculously come to his senses – and created a spectacular, romantic win-her-heart-back scenario that plays like a three-hankie tear-jerker!

“Justin’s suddenly realized how badly he’s screwed up with Selena, and wants to make up for his stupid shenanigans,” said My BieberSpy.

“Here’s his three-step plan. First, he’s quietly arranged to take two days off from his world concert tour for a super-secret surprise – that may include a proposal, if all goes well – on Selena’s 21st birthday in July. Next, he’s meeting with a famous jewelry designer to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind birthday gift – probably a ring – that will cost a staggering one million dollar$$!”

(WOW, folks! I can hardly breathe – and I’m a guy!)

Step 3 of Justin’s Belieb-it-or-not extravaganza?

Said my source: “He’s hiring a private jet so they can celebrate her birthday anywhere she wants – in mile-high privacy. And once he’s got her up there, he’ll croon – for her ears only, because no one else will ever hear it – a romantic new song he just wrote that tells Selena how desperately he loves her!” (Hey, ladies…think that may do the trick?…DER!)