Bieber Buddy’s Tiger Triggers Panic In Upscale Enclave!

Bieber Buddy’s Tiger Triggers Panic In Upscale Enclave! thumbnail

HOLD THAT TIGER! Talk about deja vu all over again: Hysteria reigned encore at JUSTIN BIEBER’s old stomping/egg-flinging grounds – swanky guard-gated community, The Oaks – this time triggered by Best Biebs Buddy/badboy rapper TYGA, whose frightened neighbors suddenly flooded the homeowner’s association office with phone calls, screaming in sheer panic, “That creep Tyga’s got a LIVE TIGER roaming around his backyard!”

Said My SpyWitness: “Tyga rents a mansion at The Oaks and his next-door neighbor freaked when she suddenly spotted a full-grown tiger roaming around his yard. Fearing for her family’s safety, she called the association office to report the frightening sighting. Word spread swiftly after that, and as the office fielded dozens of agitated complaints, officials phoned Tyga to roar that bringing wild animals – much less a full-grown tiger – into the community was ‘strictly prohibited and against the rules!’”

Tyga growled that the striped carnivore was just a semi-tame tabby he’d rented for a promotional photo shoot – AND it had already left the premises…so bite me! (Or words to that effect!)

Turns out local lawmen believe the tiger’s actually Tyga’s, and – after tracking it down at an animal shelter – took custody pending further investigation.