Photography by: Getty

Seen-it-all stud JOHNNY DEPP was stunned when two gorgeous female fans approached him and hubba-hubba squeeze AMBER HEARD on a BevHills street, asked if they could get a picture – and when nice-guy Johnny agreed, they handed him an iPhone, but immediately started posing and snuggling with Amber!

After Johnny clicked the pic, the girls started hitting on “The Rum Diary” bombshell, purring about her beauty – and how it’s great she’s so open about her bisexuality!

“It was outrageous – the girls acted like Johnny wasn’t even there, inviting Amber to a party later that evening where there’d be a lot of hot girls – and guys. Johnny finally jumped in and said, ‘Hey, can’t you see she’s with me? This is a first! Usually girls hit on me…not my girlfriend!’ ”

Hoping to snare Amber, the lady-lechers reluctantly invited Johnny, too – but the star grabbed Amber’s arm and quickly steered her to a nearby bistro for dinner.