BETTY WHITE’s “sourpuss KANYE” quip makes KIM K mad at Mom-ager KRIS!

C’MON, KANYE…SMILE! Talk about the stars aligning: Kardashian Klan Mom-ager KRIS JENNER turned into the belle of the ball when she showed up at the daytime Emmys just hours after headline-making news broke that daughter KIM had finally birthed her new baby by KANYE WEST – and Kris got an ego-boosting thrill when she met childhood TV idol BETTY WHITE, who gushed, “My, you’re even prettier than your daughters!”

Kris immediately invited the 91-year-old star to appear on her new TV talk show.

Then, said an insider, Betty really rocked Kris!

Speaking of Kim K, she said: “Why does that boyfriend of hers never seem to smile?…You’ve got to teach her how to make a man smile.”

Taking Betty’s remark totally to heart, Kris later repeated it to Kim – adding that Kanye’s glum puss truly creates bad publicity for the Kardashian brand.

Said the source: “Kim couldn’t believe it! She told her mother, ‘Don’t you think I have enough on my plate right now?’”

(Shut UP, Mom!)