Looking ready to explode while a lady with payment problems held up a Whole Foods Market checkout line, Oscar winner BEN AFFLECK – pacing impatiently in line and repeatedly checking his watch – finally took decisive action and broke the logjam!

“The woman in front of Ben kept swiping her credit card after her cartload of groceries had been rung up – but it was finally declined,” said an eyewitness.

“The woman insisted there had to be a mistake, and kept asking the cashier to run it again as Ben let out a very audible, impatient sigh. When the woman’s card was absolutely declined, she tried a debit card – and when that didn’t work, said she’d punched in the wrong PIN and started all over again.

Ben, shaking his head in disbelief, abruptly whipped out his own credit card, swiped it in the machine and told the woman, ‘Happy holidays!’ ”

Shocked, the woman tried to refuse Ben’s generosity, insisting her card would work, but Ben told her: “Don’t worry…it’s a gift from me!”

Quickly paying for his own items, he beat it as the woman stammered: “Thank you…thank you!”