WHAT’S IN THE CARDS FOR LILO? It got scary on the “Anger Management” set when LINDSAY LOHAN – who’s reuniting with “Scary Movie 5” co-star/ good pal CHARLIE SHEEN for an upcoming episode – stopped by for a script meeting and heard that a female extra on that day’s show was giving tarot card readings.

Intrigued, Lindsay asked for a peek at her future and got very excited, hoping to hear her drama-filled life was about to improve – but as the woman turned the tarots one by one, her face suddenly went white!

Said my source, Onda Settalot: “The cards revealed Lindsay would face more financial woes – and that the people around her are not to be trusted.

"Worse, there was no indication her career would improve – and even her personal freedom was about to be compromised!”

Suddenly exploding in sheer fury, Lindsay swept her arm across the table, scattering the cards to the floor as she screamed: “This is a total HOAX! You’re making this s*** up!”

Shocked, the woman tried to apologize, saying she had no power over what the cards revealed, but Lindsay stormed off – and moments later, an executive assistant showed up and gave a new reading on the future: Tarot card reading will NOT be allowed.