Baby-sit MY precious Prince George? Boozers are losers, Kate tells Harry!

Baby-sit MY precious Prince George? Boozers are losers, Kate tells Harry! thumbnail


Princess of Our Hearts KATE MIDDLETON just put her pretty foot down pretty damn hard on Ginger PRINCE HARRY – wild child bro’ of hubby Prince Charming, and uncle to her precious baby, PRINCE GEORGE – informing him she absolutely will NOT allow Harry and squeeze CRESSIDA BONAS to baby-sit Royal Nephew without supervision of a nanny! (Yeah, don’t need the kid ending up in Vegas – sans diapers!)

Confided My Palace Spy: “Harry and Cressida have offered on a number of occasions to watch George while his brother and Kate go out for an evening.

However, each time Kate squelches the offer – politely declining by saying her mother, or sister PIPPA, will tend to George while they’re away. Harry finally confronted WILLIAM and Kate, demanding to know why their offer to watch George is always rejected, bellowing, ‘Don’t you trust us?’

Before William could say a word, Kate told them, ‘The truth is, I don’t!’ Kate explained that she has no problems with Harry and Cressida staying with George while she and Wills are out for an evening, but George’s nanny must be in attendance at all times.

William tried to smooth things, saying that when George is a little older Kate may reconsider – but Kate blurted, ‘The fact is, Harry, you drink too much – and I’m not comfortable! I don’t trust leaving George in your care.’”

Stunned and totally pissed off, Uncle Ginger grabbed Cressida and stormed off (to the nearest pub, no doubt!).