Photography by: Splash News Online

 ATTENTION, ALL CARS! BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR…JUSTIN BIEBER, who – just days before LA cops wanted to question him about slugging a foe-tog – was spotted tooling down the 101 Freeway near his Calabasas home in his pimped-up, $100,000-plus Fisker Karma electric hybrid sports car, arrogantly breaking California law by JABBERING NONSTOP ON HIS CELL PHONE!

After eyeballing The Bieb for miles, My SpyWitness reported: “He was yapping the entire time, holding the phone right to his ear!” MEMO TO THE, BIEB: California strictly prohibits ALL drivers – yeah, even you, kid! – from using handheld wireless cell phones while driving, PERIOD!

First-time fine is $148; $256 for a second offense.

(No biggie – unless you get distracted and kill someone.)