Mike Walker

Anne Hathaway’s Supermarket Attack!

People thought the actress’ hubby, Adam Shulman, was a crazed stalker!

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Primed-to-pop yummy mummy Anne Hathaway, feeling FAB just four days before birthing new baby Jonathan, stood loading hefty firewood logs into her shopping cart at Vons Supermarket in Studio City when a wacko waaaay down the aisle suddenly roared her name — racing at her as shoppers shrieked!

Said My SpyWitness: “He kept yelling, ‘STOP! … What are you DOING!’ Shoppers rushed to protect Anne, yelling ‘CALL SECURITY’ … figuring she’d attracted a nutso stalker! But when he yelled, ‘YOU’RE PREGNANT,’ Anne chilled the crowd, yelling, ‘It’s OKAY! … He’s my HUSBAND!’”

Getting right in Adam Shulman’s kisser, Anne barked: “SHUT UP!” Hubby chilled, but whined at Wifey: “WHY are you loading heavy LOGS?? … You’re PREGNANT!” Giggled My Spy: “Now women were going, Aaaaaw! — and men rolled their eyes as Anne gave new baby-daddy a serious smooch!”

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