THE BEAT GOES ON DEPT.: CHAZ BONO’s furious and frustrated because “Dancing with the Stars” producers – who failed in their ruthless efforts to pressure him into dancing to songs by mom CHER, or SONNY & CHER, as scooped here last week – have now reached new heights of lunacy and keep turning up the heat, pestering him to puhleeeeez beg Superstar Mommy to support her transgendered child by singing on the show.

Said a source: “Luckily for these idiots, Chaz is a very stable person – or he’d have walked off. It’s now gotten to the point that whenever Chaz sees execs, even before they can get a word out of their mouths, he snaps, ‘No, I’m NOT going to ask my mom to do the show!’ ” says our source.

“Chaz feels he’s being used and wants to build his own identity – so now he’s banned producers from ever mentioning her name.

"They can’t risk losing Chaz, so they’ve passed the word that using Cher’s name is a no-no…and that goes for everyone associated with the show!”