Aging Pop Tart Madonna’s Senior Moment Drives Driver Crazy!

Aging Pop Tart Madonna’s Senior Moment Drives Driver Crazy! thumbnail

TALK ABOUT SENIOR MOMENTS: Aging pop princess MADONNA exited a Hollywood Pilates studio, spotted her driver parked across the street and immediately started waving her arms furiously, shouting: “HEY…I’m over HERE! Why the hell are you over THERE?!”

When the driver – all starchy in a dark suit and standing stiffly beside his limo – didn’t even acknowledge her, the livid superstar stormed across the street, marched right up in his face and shrieked: “What’s the matter with you?…Are you an IDIOT? You’re supposed to pick me up in front of the studio – NOT across the street!”

Finally raising his hands to silence the singer and – looking mighty befuddled – the guy barked: “Lady, I don’t know who you think I am, but I’m NOT YOUR DRIVER!…And this is NOT your car!”

As Madonna’s jaw dropped, she whirled around, looked back across the street and instantly spotted HER driver – who’d driven up moments after she’d blown her stack and crossed the street.

So did she apologize for her rude, raucous behavior?

“She most certainly did NOT,” said an eyewitness. “Madonna just marched back across the street, jumped in her own limo – and sped off!”