CLOONEY, YOU IDIOT! Here’s a shocker: GEORGE CLOONEY’s tight-knit posse of best buds MATT DAMON, BEN AFFLECK and BRAD PITT are angrily calling him “a fool” for deep-sixing class act/ cutie STACY KEIBLER – ruining what they insist could have been the BEST thing in his life!

Said a close friend and business associate: “It’s no joke – the guys are really PO’d at George.

"They tried for months to convince their best buddy that he should take that giant leap of commitment and start a family with Stacy – especially after she reached out to them for support. But stubborn bachelor George stood firm, even though his friends literally labeled him an idiot – and predicted he’ll wind up a lonely old man. He turned a deaf ear as Matt, Brad and Ben all told him how having children had not only enriched their lives, but shown them the true meaning of love!

"Now George is suffering from a double whammy: Stacy’s gone… and his furious friends all think he’s a jerk!”