TOO MANY CHIEFS, NOT ENOUGH INDIANS? More like too many directors, not enough actors!

Tempers exploded on the set of the upcoming flick “Gone Girl” as furious, frustrated stars BEN AFFLECK and TYLER PERRY, both respected directors in their own right, screamed at director du jour DAVID FINCHER: “Okay, that’s IT!…We’re done!…THAT’S ALL WE’RE DOING!”

Tempers erupted as Fincher ordered take-after-take-after-take of a scene between Ben Affleck’s character – a murder suspect – and his attorney, Tyler Perry.

“No matter how the guys delivered their lines, Fincher wasn’t satisfied,” said an on-set source.

“He’d ask for more emotion – then less emotion; but no matter how they did it, he’d demand they do it again! Finally, after like 15 takes, they truly nailed it – but when Fincher asked for ‘just one more,’ Ben lost it, yelling: ‘I’ve directed an entire f****** film faster than this scene. Can you please call it a print and move the f*** on!’”

Interrupting the screamfest, an exec called for a cool-down break. All three “directors” disappeared into their respective trailers…and about 20 minutes later, Fincher quietly announced: “Got what we wanted – that’s a wrap, people!”