Photography by: Splash News Online

 Batman just met his match: The Joker – in a dress!

Gorgeous MICHELLE MONAGHAN loves to tease “Batman” hero MICHAEL KEATON on the set of their “Penthouse North” flick – but she’s driving him batty with her off-the-wall banter.

Example: Keaton, who won kudos playing the title role in the iconic flick “Beetlejuice,” started sipping a glass of OJ – and was stunned to find a plastic beetle bobbing around in it.

“What the hell is this?” barked Michael.

Michelle burst out laughing and told him: “It’s BEETLE JUICE, Beetlejuice!”

The crew cracked up, but Keaton made it clear he’d love to reprise his Beetlejuice role just long enough to make Mirthful Michelle bug off!

“How long is this movie going to take to shoot?” he groaned to a crew member. “I don’t think I can take it much longer!”