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GUESS WHO? brings you top secret tidbits about your favorite celebrities! Read More
Ego torpedoes explode on the deck of the NEW Starship Enterprise as diva STAR TREK actors go for each other’s throats in blood feud! PLUS: D-lister’s lost weekend after escape from rehab to gin mill paradise! Read More
True Blood star “BUFF THE VAMPIRE” pumps MORE than iron at a notorious West Hollywood gym. Will he get staked – or OUTED?! PLUS: Who are the sitcom druggie gal pals! Read More
They make nice in public but in private it’s a bad punch line for the iconic TV comedian and her sidekick! PLUS: Which brother from another mother is a nasty racist?! Read More
WHO’s the soon to be divorced superstar who got his sex jollies at low rent massage parlors? PLUS: What A-List beauty wants pals to lie about her ex so she can flee the country? Read More
Movie stud can’t please the ladies no matter how hard he tries. PLUS: Which WHITNEY ex-love has been on a heartbroken booze bender every night since her death? Read More
“C” is for cocaine says ex-Mouse House-ers. PLUS: the A-list secret transvestite! Read More
And the winner for Best LUSH goes to THIS Oscar nominated star... Read More
Stoned vegan thesp really, really likes the GREEN Stuff! PLUS: Who are the superstar couple hopped up on cocaine by the noseload? Read More
WHO is the barely in the closet 20 something gay thrush who’s beard is the hunk in her band? PLUS! Which leggy blonde actress is boozing like mad AGAIN?! Read More