GUESS WHO? brings you top secret tidbits about your favorite celebrities. The information is so salacious we can’t reveal the identities of the stars involved!
THIS 20-something, Grammy-winning pop star is hiding a secret lesbian life! The gifted musician has a girlfriend but tells everyone she’s dating the hunky guitarist in her band!
WHICH pop star’s fiance was spotted selling his soon-to-be wife’s discarded designer jeans at the resale store Wasteland in Studio City, Calif.? The singer’s beau tried to go unnoticed, but when someone in the store yelled out: “OMG! I know who you are!” he high-tailed it out of the shop and drove off in his white BMW!
WHICH two Latina actresses absolutely HATE each other? The stars have tried to avoid each other but are often auditioning for the same film roles – and the younger and more popular of the two seems to be getting all the parts!
WHAT former sitcom and “SNL” star – he’s part of a successful comedy dynasty – has just admitted his wannabe actress daughter to rehab? The comic gathered the whole clan together to say goodbye to his boozing little girl!
WHICH leggy blonde actress is boozing again? The never-married former model raised eyebrows as she swigged champagne and partied with her new rapper boy toy at the Golden Globes after-parties.