"Guess WHO" brings you TOP SECRET tidbits about your favorite celebs. The information is so salacious we can't reveal the identities of the stars involved!

THIS unlucky-in-love talk-show host is so desperate to land a husband that she’s resorted to begging her celebrity pals – but NOT her more famous BFF – to help her find a spouse? The almost 60, divorced mother-of-two is determined to get married in  2012. WHO is she?

WHICH Grammy-winning singer is getting weight-loss tips from another weight-challenged Grammy winner – without her knowledge? Diva #1 is working closely with an ex of Diva # 2, and he’s spilling all of his former lover’s secret diet and exercise tips! Who are they?

WHICH two current “Dancing with the Stars” contestants were thisclose to being related by marriage? The wannabe hoofer, who almost married into the famous family, isn’t talking because his ex was – and still is – the black sheep of that celebrated clan!

WHAT cast of a popular TV series is so miserable that they can’t wait for their show to come to an end? The stars always put on their best poker faces during group interviews, but behind the scenes they’re desperately ripping each other apart!