Published on: October 17, 2012
Photography by: Warner Bros. "Full Metal Jacket"

From the shores of Tripoli to sex toy of King Fashionista? Hunky Marine says HELL NO!

THIS famous male designer reached out to a handsome Marine after seeing him on the news, hoping to transform the military hunk into a supermodel. The aging and openly gay fashion guru flew the soldier first-class to Miami, but the hottie bolted when the design icon made sexual advances toward him. Who is he?

WHAT legendary performer’s friends are freaking out because the 60-something singer/ actress has been mixing anti-anxiety pills and booze – AGAIN?! The leggy star recently sang at a friend’s birthday party, but not only was she way off-key, she forgot the words to “Happy Birthday”!

FRIENDS of this newly separated actor are worried about his out-of-control drinking and begging him to go to rehab! After a failed intervention a few years ago, the former sitcom star swore off booze. But his recovery didn’t last long. Who is he?

WHICH former film actress has not been warmly received at her new gig on a long-running TV detective drama? Turns out she’s not only clashing with one of the male stars, but she’s also finding it extremely difficult to memorize the scripts that are loaded with medical and scientific jargon.