GUESS WHO? brings you top secret tidbits about your favorite celebrities. The infor­mation is so salacious we can’t reveal the identities of the stars involved!

THIS Hollywood royal family is being ripped apart by a bitter feud over a girl. The teenage son of a music legend’s sole heir and the heir’s 20-something half-brother are fighting for the attention of the same young lady, and the heir – aka the “princess of rock ’n’ roll” – is desperately trying to stay out of the fray. Who are they?

WHICH mega pop star freaked out when room service delivered two boxes of extra large condoms to her Beverly Hills hotel suite? When the entertainer later walked through the lobby, she jokingly yelled out to the front desk staff: “Who the heck do you think I’m #$%@-ing up in my room?!”

WHAT  busty Grammy award winner has reduced her boob size for the second time? The singer/actress, who has long struggled with her weight, embraces her curvy self but was encouraged to downsize by her health-conscious new partner.

WHICH entertainment show personality is in danger of losing her cushy five-day-a-week gig because of her annoying attitude? This would be the SECOND job the thin brunette’s lost. In 2009 she was dumped from a hugely popular ABC prime-time position!

WHICH popular, tattooed, gay reality show star insists on staying in the closet and even introduces his partner as his “stylist”? The only problem is that the hunk’s hairdresser boyfriend tells EVERYONE who his famous beaus is!