Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown have finally found a way to stay out of trouble — they’re going to tour together!

The couple recently performed together in Las Vegas, and Bobby says they enjoyed it so much they want to take the act on the road. Teaming up with his wife for a tour may certainly help give a jolt to the once chart-topping musician’s dwindling career.

“I’m really looking forward to that,” Bobby said on Tuesday. “She’s making me sing and I’m making her dance, so it’s a beautiful combination.”

Over the past several years, the former member of New Edition has had a hard time staying out of the news. Just earlier this year he served two months in a Florida prison for a parole violation on a 1996 drunk driving conviction. He now has a new outlook on life and wants to build centers for needy children.

“I have to do things that are different now,” he explained. “Since my life is different, my days are different, I have to do something different.”