The Iraq war’s most famous soldier, Jessica Lynch, is pregnant!

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the 23-year-old is 4 ½ months pregnant by her boyfriend Wesley Robinson.

After the ENQUIRER called Jessica for comment, her publicist Aly Goodwin Gregg released a statement confirming our story.

The pregnancy comes as surprising and joyous news for Jessica, considering the massive injuries she suffered when her truck crashed in Iraq.

Jessica, who is now a college student, said in the statement: “I was not sure if this could ever happen for me after all of the injuries and physical trauma I suffered."

”Learning to walk again and coping with the internal injuries that I still deal with, pale in comparison to the tremendous joy of carrying this child.

“My boyfriend Wes and I are truly ecstatic and so are our families. He is a perfect match for me and I am very blessed to have his love and support in my life.”

Though she was once engaged to former Army Sgt. Ruben Contreras, she broke up with him and recently started seeing Robinson, who works at a plastics factory. Jessica is a student at West Virginia University – Parkersburg, where she is studying education and journalism.

Jessica and her boyfriend have no plans to wed, although they are looking for a house to buy together, said a source close to her. She has not yet had an ultrasound test to determine if she is having a boy or a girl, said the source. “Jessica is thrilled about being pregnant, but she is very worried, too,” said the source.

“She suffered horrific injuries and she doesn’t know for sure whether she’ll be able to carry the baby to term.”

Jessica suffered two spinal fractures, nerve damage and a shattered right arm, right foot and left leg. She has to wear a brace to support her left foot because of nerve damage.

“It is a time of joy for her,” said the source. “But it is also a time of anxiety.”