Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump are in a war of words! On The View Thursday, Rosie responded to Donald’s personal attacks stemming from comments she made on Wednesday’s show! Rosie brought her partner Kelli along to sit in the audience and told fans, “I brought Kelli here today. I was afraid to leave her at home, in case someone with a comb-over came over and stole her from me.” She also gave Donald a grimace via the camera and said, “What a fun night of viewing,” in response to Trump’s appearances on the TV tabloids in which he threatened to sue Rosie and have his friends steal her girlfriend.

The argument started on Wednesday when O’Donnell, while discussing Trump’s decision to give Miss USA Tara Conner a second chance, did an unflattering impression of The Donald and questioned his morals. “(He) left the first wife — had an affair. (He) had kids both times, but he’s the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend,” Rosie said Wednesday on The View. Rosie went on to criticize the Miss USA organization itself, which Trump is an owner of. “Miss America is the prestige,” O’Donell said. “Miss USA is a different thing. It’s basically a model competition. Let’s be realistic.” She also took aim at Trump’s finances, citing bankruptcy reports and comparing him to a “snake-oil salesman.”

Trump then threatened to sue O’Donell and made personal attacks against her. “She says things that come to her mouth, she’s not smart, she’s crude, she’s ignorant and to be honest I look forward to suing Rosie,” Trump told Access Hollywood. “I’m gonna sue her and I look forward to it. She’s really very dangerous for the show.” In taped segments, Trump also slammed Rosie’s old talk show and her failed magazine venture and defended Miss USA’s ratings.

“She’s unattractive, both inside and out,” Trump said. He even dragged Rosie’s partner, Kelli, into the feud, threatening, “She ought to be careful because I’ll send one of my friend’s to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be easy.”

On Wednesday night, Rosie posted a blog entry on her personal Web site citing the online encyclopedia site Wikipedia about Trump’s finances and saying: loving the wiki
i use it
do u

i will let u know if the donald sues me
or if kelli leaves me for one of his pals
dont u find him charming