Actor Nick Nolte, arrested earlier this month under suspicion of driving under the influence, has checked himself into the Silver Hill rehabilitation center in Connecticut.

“Nick Nolte voluntarily entered Silver Hill Hospital to receive advice and counsel that he feels he needs at this time,” said Nolte’s publicist Paul Bloch in a statement. “He will be there as long as he feels is necessary.”

Nolte was arrested during a traffic stop near Malibu, when police officers noticed his black Mercedes swerving across lanes of traffic. According to a California Highway Patrol spokesman, “The officer stopped the vehicle and found that Mr. Nolte at that point seemed completely out of it. He was drooling [and had] droopy eyes. He. . . looked very much like he was under the influence.”

Results of a blood test have not come in yet.

Nolte is scheduled to be in court on October 28.