Actor Nick Nolte was taken into custody earlier this week, under the suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Nolte was arrested after Los Angeles area police noticed his 1992 Mercedes driving erratically.

“An officer making a traffic stop on Pacific Coast Highway heard tires squealing and saw the vehicle driven by Nolte approaching rapidly, weaving across all lanes and into opposing traffic,” said California Highway Patrol spokesman Leland Tang.

“The officer stopped the vehicle and found that Mr. Nolte at that point seemed completely out of it. He was drooling [and had] droopy eyes. He. . . looked very much like he was under the influence.”

The officer tried to give Nolte a field sobriety test, however he was unable to complete it and was taken to the sheriff’s station until he was more coherent “for his own well-being. “

Tang also added that Nolte was “extremely pleasant and cooperative” and that at least one passer-by stopped to take a picture of the actor.