The PAWN STARS guys are getting a real blast out of one of their latest finds – a REAL U.S. Air Force missile!

BUT the purchase caught the attention of some pretty powerful people.

Military police from the Air Force Special Investigations unit dropped in at the Gold and Silver Pawn shop in Las Vegas, where the History Channel films its hit reality series, to investigate a hot tip that the pawnbrokers had acquired a top-secret projectile!

As it turns out, the shop picked up a guidance system and various parts to a U.S. Air Force AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-To-Air airplane-buster, commonly called the "Slammer."

These 356-pound, $400,000 missiles have been used to shoot down enemy fighter jets and bombers since 1991.
The missile parts were brought to the shop by a woman who told the brokers that her father purchased them at a military auction in the 1980s, and she had the paperwork to back up her claim.

The military investigators wanted to make sure the parts the "Pawn Stars" bought were not active and did not contain anything that would allow America’s foes to rip off U.S. weapons technology.

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