Evil Teen Amber Wright Guilty Of Murder…Again!

Girl who drew ex-lover to his death convicted in retrial.

Evil Teen Amber Wright Guilty Of Murder…Again! thumbnail

The cold-hearted teen who lured her ex-boyfriend to a savage and grotesque death by a gang of thugs has been found guilty of murder — for the second time!

Amber Wright, 19, was convicted after only two hours of jury deliberation for her role in the gruesome 2011 murder of her former beau, Seath Jackson, 15 — who was tortured, shot and burnt before being dismembered.

She was granted a second trial because she wasn’t read her Miranda rights correctly — but the verdict was the same!

Wright, who was just 15 at the time of the slaying, steered Seath to a Summerfield, Fla., home with text messages, telling her ex-beau they could work things out.

Although Seath texted back he was worried about being assaulted, Wright eventually won him over.

But Seath was right to be suspicious! After entering the house of Charlie Ely, Seath was set upon by Wright and four other attackers, viciously beaten and then shot by Wright’s then-current boyfriend, Michael Bargo, 23.

The murderous clan — including Wright’s brother Kyle Hooper, 21, Justin Soto, 25, and Ely, 23 — then broke Seath’s legs in a bathtub so he could be stuffed in a sleeping bag.

Still alive, Seath was shot again before his body was burned in a backyard fire pit. The brutal bunch then chopped up the victim, placing body parts into empty paint cans, which were thrown into a quarry.

Wright’s attorney, Junior Barrett, tried to sway the jury, arguing that the freckle-faced teen did not know Bargo was going to “take things to the level he did.”

But prosecutors played a venomous recording — made two days after the murder — of Wright ripping into Seath to her co-defendants.
“He hit me. He almost gave me an STD,” Wright said in the video. “He cheated on me. He turned my friends against me.”

Gunman Bargo is now the youngest person on Florida’s death row for his involvement in the slaying. Hooper, Soto and Ely are serving life sentences for the killing.

Seath’s mother, Sonia, has attended all the trials related to her son’s murder. She’s expected to be at Wright’s sentencing on Feb. 23.

“It doesn’t matter how many times we have to go back in there and fight, we’ll keep doing it,” she vowed.