She didn’t answer his question. That’s the twisted reason crazed killer Jared Loughner gunned down Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The 22-year-old madman tried to assassinate the politician because she didn’t reply to a question he asked at a rally three years earlier.

“Jared told me he asked, ‘What is government if words have no meaning?’” said Loughner’s friend Bryce Tierney.

Instead of answering that strange query, Rep. Giffords reportedly made a comment in Spanish, which enraged Loughner. He vowed revenge.

“Ever since that, he thought she was a fake, he had something against her,” said Tierney.

When it was reported on Jan. 8 that a gunman had killed six and wounded 14, including the congresswoman, at a Giffords’ rally outside a Tucson supermarket, Tierney’s first thought was: “It’s Jared.”

Loughner, who lived with his parents, had been unraveling mentally since a breakup with a girl in the 10th grade, say those close to him. And his behavior got more bizarre when he attended Pima Community College.

Classmate Alex Kotonias recalled how Loughner would sit down “and almost immediately start laughing to himself in a way that was just kind of creepy.”

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