Texas murder case that’s an astonishing replay of the Laci Peterson tragedy has finally gone to trial – eight years after the pregnant victim was slain.

And the family and friends of murdered schoolteacher Belinda Temple pray that justice is near for her accused killer – her philandering husband David!

“It took police five years to arrest David after Belinda’s murder and another three years for his trial to begin. That’s far too long,” Carrie Findley, a former student of Belinda’s at Katy High School, told The ENQUIRER.

Belinda was a popular teacher and counselor at Katy High School when she was killed in an apparent home robbery on Jan. 11, 1999.

While the murder weapon has never been recovered, prosecutors believe David shot 8-months-pregnant Belinda in the head with a shotgun. Her unborn child, a 6-pound girl whom Belinda planned to name Erin, also died.

The crime eerily echoes Laci Peterson’s murder as prosecutors say 30-year-old Belinda – who was remembered, like Laci, for her sweet smile – discovered David was having an affair only weeks before they allege he killed her.

And like Scott Peterson – sentenced to die for killing his wife Laci and their unborn child – David, a high school coach, allegedly spent time with a blonde mistress, co-worker Heather Scott, around the holidays.

David’s attorney Dick DeGuerin told The ENQUIRER he has evidence another man might have killed Belinda and framed her husband for the murder. A prisoner says he overheard another inmate in 1999 tell how he broke into Temple’s house, killed his wife and framed him for murder, according to the defense attorney.

But prosecutors believe they have a strong case against David, including forensic evidence of gunshot residue on his clothing. David told police he returned from an hour-long shopping trip with their 3-year-old son Evan to discover Belinda’s body in the closet of their upstairs master bedroom.

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