Brian and Rivae Hart are America’s worst grandparents!

In a sickening display of cruelty, they kept their little granddaughter locked in a tiny half-bathroom for six hellish years, charge authorities.

The heartless Harts locked her up when she was just 3 years old, allowing her out only to attend school, say police.

By the time she was freed from her living nightmare, she was 9.

Incredibly, the youngster’s living space measured less than the size of an average prison cell.

Now sitting in a dayton, Ohio, jail, the Harts are awaiting trial on charges of kidnapping and child endangerment – which could land them behind bars for 15 years.

Each day, as soon as their granddaughter returned home, the door to her tiny dungeon was blocked with two large dressers.

Rather than dreaming of fairytales in a comfortable bed, she slept on a hard folding cot with no pillow, while her younger brother and the Harts’ two children enjoyed normal childhoods.

“Her living conditions were deplorable,” Sgt. Larry Tolpin of the Dayton Police told The ENQUIRER. “It is shocking. Her food at home was inconsistent at best. If she was fed, she was sent to that confined area to eat."

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