Sylvia Overstreet quietly suffered through unspeakable cruelty dished out by her abusive husband.

He broke her nose, bashed her face and left her with many other injuries. But despite the pain, she suffered in silence and could never bring herself to leave the alcoholic monster.

Then came a day when he tried to do something so evil that Sylvia knew she had to do something.

She describes it as the day that “God fired the gun and saved my baby’s life.”

Her husband Jim Overstreet was a U.S. Army soldier with a drinking habit and a mean streak.

“At first he was gentle when he wasn’t drinking,” Sylvia, now 72, told The ENQUIRER.

“When he drank, he beat me. He used his fists – in my face, the arms, my shoulders. One time he hit me in my lip and my teeth went through it. He gave me black eyes. He broke my nose. I have scars.”

The beatings were so violent that neighbors at Fort Campbell, Ky., where Jim was stationed, complained about the noise. The Overstreets were forced to move off base to a rented house in Clarksville, Tenn.

After their son Zane was born in 1964, Jim just seemed to be mean all the time, with or without the booze, said Sylvia.

On April 4, 1964, everything changed.

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