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BILL COSBY’s drug-and-rape scandal has caught fire again with several more women coming forward to accuse the 77-year-old comic of abuse. Read More
JOHN TRAVOLTA’s nephew has accused the superstar of allowing Scientology to persecute him relentlessly after he quit the controversial church... Read More
In an exclusive National ENQUIRER cover story we go behind closed doors to get the intimate details behind Tinsel Town’s billion dollar divorce shockers! Read More
Creepy double murder acquitee O.J. SIMPSON may lose both legs in a diabetes related double amputation! Read More
In yet another substance fueled meltdown, CHARLIE SHEEEN attacked his mother in a profanity-laced tirade, smashed his People’s Choice Award and slashed his own arm before being subdued and taken ... Read More
Book rips the lid off JACKIE KENNEDY’s lustful affairs – ALL the intimate details! Read More
Sassy “Shake It Off” singer TAYLOR SWIFT just shook herself up – by learning she can insure her famous legs for outrageously big bucks! Read More
With her recently rehabbed daughter as a new roommate, Demi Moore’s love life has hit the skids, sources told The ENQUIRER. Read More
BRUCE JENNER is getting a new wardrobe for his life as a woman – courtesy of stepdaughter Khloé Kardashian! Read More
STEVIE NICKS bought enough cocaine – $1 million worth – to melt a hole in her nose so big she once boasted she could loop a “gold ring … with diamonds” through it! Read More