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The ENQUIRER has exclusively learned that a judge ruled JOHN TRAVOLTA is going to court to answer questions from the attorney for his former boyfriend, Doug Gotterba. Read More
JESSICA SIMPSON’s out-of-control behavior is destroying her marriage, tearing her family apart and even endangering her children! Read More
Disgraced politico JOHN EDWARDS’ tragic legacy continues after crazed killer convicted of murdering Edwards’ political fundraiser pal. Read More
HILLARY CLINTON freaking out over missing emails about secret lesbian lifestyle. Read More
According to Xenu defying snitches, TOM CRUISE told to stay “clear” of “Potential Trouble Source” Suri after high profile “defection” by ex-wife Katie Holmes Read More
KENNEDY curse strikes as TED’s troubled ex-wife JOAN makes rare public appearance looking barely alive! Read More
In NATALIE WOOD’s own words: Her loveless “marriage” to Robert Wagner! The betrayal that drove her to the brink of suicide and MORE in a bombshell ENQUIRER world exclusive! Read More
In the closeted Hollywood of the 1950s gay hunk ROCK HUDSON took a “wife” PHYLLIS GATES to keep his secret safe. Years later, she still described the nups as a “fairy tale” marriage gone horribly awry. Read More
Battlefield Xenu! How TOM CRUISE shamed JOHN TRAVOLTA relentlessly over L. Ron Hubbard sci-fi stinker, The National ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
RHOBH KIM RICHARDS arrested after a reputed drunken brawl, allegedly kicking a cop. Read More