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Britney Spears' former assistant Shannon Funk has been subpoenaed in the custody battle with Brit's ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Read More
Kathie Lee Gifford will rejoin former co-host, Regis Philbin and his new co-host Kelly Ripa for the 20th anniversary Live!. Read More
NBC's Today show will be expanded to a four-hour live TV show beginning on Sept. 10. Read More
The female passenger that Lindsay Lohan allegedly chased last month in Santa Monica has filed a lawsuit against Lohan for assault and negligence. Read More
Don Imus has reached a settlement with CBS and he's also in the process of negotiating a new gig at WABC radio, according to reports. Read More
Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth will team up for a new Van Halen tour. Plus: Eddie's son Wolfgang joins the gang! Read More
What does Law & Order: SVU star Chris Meloni do on his day off? Head to the Hamptons with his family! Read More
Jill Hennessy is expecting her second son! Read More
Britney Spears' assistant, Alli Sims, has been subpoenaed by Kevin Federline's lawyer. Read More
After a long battle with prostate cancer, Merv Griffin passed away on Aug. 12. Read More