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Professional prankster and extreme stunt goon Steve-O pleaded guilty to felony cocaine possession as part of a plea bargain to keep his Jackass out of jail. Read More
Nick Bollea, Hulk Hogan's 17 year-old son, has had enough of solitary.  He wants OUT! Sorry, Charlie... Read More
Former screen goddess Brigitte Bardot was convicted of provoking racial hatred against Muslims, claiming that they are destroying France. Read More
Who leaked the erroneous news that Angelina Jolie had given to birth to twins to Entertainment Tonight? Read More
"Please forgive me and save my career" was the theme behind Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' weekend housewarming event. Read More
TV's beloved Frasier Crane, Kelsey Grammer, has suffered a heart attack. Read More
Rock legend Bo Diddley is dead at 79. The founding father of rock died of heart failure at his home in Florida after suffering a stroke while touring in Iowa. Read More
Uma Thurman's stalker has been sentenced. State Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro ordered Jack Jordan to three years probation in his home state of Maryland on the condition he receive ... Read More
Johnny Depp's big screen adaptation of the classic gothic horror TV serial Dark Shadows now has a director - Tim Burton! Read More
Senator Edward M. Kennedy underwent surgery at Duke University Medical Center for his cancerous brain tumor. Read More