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Britney Spears is looking for a name for her new album, and according to her Website, she’s, “asking her most die-hard fans for some assistance.” Read More
It’s been reported that Jennifer Lopez’s former assistant Tiana Rios has left J. Lo to work for husband Marc Anthony’s former wife... Read More
Last night at the premiere of her new movie, A Mighty Heart,” Angelina Jolie showed up in a $26 dress! Read More
Paris Hilton, who has spent the past six days in the medical ward in Twin Towers jail in downtown Los Angeles, was deemed stable enough to go back to her former jail cell. Read More
On Wednesday, NBC announced Victoria Beckham's six episode reality series would now be just an hour-long special. Read More
When asked whether Paris Hilton would ever be allowed to co-host The View, Barbara Walters said on her SIRIUS radio show on Monday, "She would certainly always give us something to talk ... Read More
Jennifer Garner has a new job as the spokeswoman for Neutrogena. Read More
A judge awarded Coley Laffon physical custody of the couples 5 year-old son. Read More
Insiders are saying that the new host of the View may be Whoopi Goldberg. Read More
Sarah Jessica Parker, star of the HBO hit Sex and the City, told Entertainment Tonight that the series will finally hit the big screen. Read More