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Funnyman turned action hero, Seth Rogen, is working out so hard - it's making him sick! Read More
Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men star, is reportedly the highest paid perf on TV. Read More
Temptress Eva Mendes' nearly nude new ad for Calvin Klein has been banned in Boston ….uh… several US TV nets.  Smooth marketing move, CK. Read More
Thesp James Franco felt more than a tad shy in his kissing scenes in new flick Milk.  He felt downright awkward making out with Sean Penn! Read More
It just never ends for O.J. Simpson.  Another codefendant in his robbery /kidnapping case has agreed to turn state's evidence against him. Read More
UPDATE: The Dark Knight star, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman is recovering from his car accident in Mississippi! Read More
Former Dallas thesp Victoria Principal has more than The Right Stuff - she wants to pilot Richard Branson's civilian space craft. Read More
Gossip Girl swept up six prizes at the 10th Annual Teen Choice Awards. Read More
Samantha Who? star Christina Applegate has confirmed she has cancer. Read More
Hairspray film star Nikki Blonsky  and her father Carl were arrested after getting into an all-out brawl with America's Next Top Model wanna be Bianca Golden at Providenciales ... Read More